Kyleigh Kuhn Theory of Care Saffron
 Care = Attention x Soul
Theory of Care is the idea that “Our purpose is a continuation of our soul. We can all become alchemists, transforming the mundane into the magical when we learn how to focus our care." That ethos inspired the creation—and name—of Kyleigh Kuhn's saffron tea company, designed as an opportunity for ritual and a tool for combatting anxiety and depression.
Press: Vogue Wall Street Journal Town &Country Harper's Bazaar R29

Kuhn's passion for creating beauty by transforming hardship into hope has been a lifelong pursuit. Since 1997, Kyleigh Kuhn has transformed minefields into productive crops in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Croatia, Israel, Palestine, and Vietnam with Roots of Peace, an NGO cultivating peace through agriculture.

In 2001, she began an initiative to build and refurbish 6 schools and soccer fields in Afghanistan. Through these experiences, she realized that care is a catalyst for positive change, even amidst tremendous turmoil.

Her time spent at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in Global Studies informed her desire to engage with local and indigenous communities as a means to support peace and economic stability.

After visiting the schools she built in Afghanistan, she was inspired to collaborate with Afghan artisans to produce jewelry and carpets. Her work has been covered by Vogue, Glamour, Town & Country, Paper Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

While dealing with the stress of the Covid lockdowns, she learned about the healing benefits of saffron, prompting her to begin a daily saffron tea ritual in hopes of lightening the anxiety we all endured.

She already had an abundance of Afghan saffron in her home as she was importing this spice with her wholesale company, Noble House Spice. Inspired by the uplift she felt, she chose to channel her energy during lockdown to share this healing ritual with others.

Theory of Care is proud to offer "Saffron for the Spirit" in celebration of this nurturing plant.

Kuhn resides in Antigua, Guatemala with her husband, Ryan Brown, their son, Forest, their two dogs, Bowie and Ziggy, and cat, Jackie O. Her personal paradise is a never-ending picnic brainstorming wild ideas with her loved ones, ideally by a pond, absolutely with pickled bites and obscure cheeses, and probably with a strange melange of Lou Reed, The Spits and The Rockers Soundtrack playing.

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